Group Quarters Data

    Below is a link to the Census Group Quarters data on the U.S. Census website:

    2010 Census Advance Group Quarters Summary File

    If you are having trouble accessing or extracting the Census data the file below is a .dbf file with the extracted information:

    U.S. Census Group Quarters Data extracted to .dbf

    Senate Judiciary staff has also created four Maptitude Layers containing more specific information about the location of group quarters throughout the state of South Carolina. Please be aware that Census group quarter populations and Senate Judiciary group quarter populations differ. The data were created under different circumstances by different agencies. Senate Judiciary Staff created the group quarters layers by contacting the appropriate state or federal agencies and private institutions, and compiling a dataset. The locations of large group quarters were verified using satellite photography where appropriate based on the information provided by these institutions. For the purpose of redistricting the Senate Judiciary is utilizing the Census information as the primary data source. The group quarters data created by the Senate Judiciary Staff is a secondary data set and should be treated as such.

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    Correctional Institutions

    Health Facilities

    Military Bases