Explanation for the Political Data Estimates for the 2010 Census VTDs

    Updated April 15, 2011

  • 1. To provide estimates of elections results for use in the redistricting process, results for recent general elections were compiled by precinct. An estimate of the non-absentee votes were distributed to each of these blocks. These estimates were then matched geographically to the appropriate census blocks from the 2010 census. These estimates were then aggregated to the higher levels of the census geography, the VTD and County. Because of these factors, as well as the fact that the VTD boundaries may not reflect the actual precinct boundaries, differences may be evident in the estimates provided in the VTD-level dataset.

  • 2. A processing error was discovered after the initial release of the VTD-level election results. This affected the estimated votes for VTDs in several counties and corrected versions are being posted to the website as individual year files. Users should download the new versions and replace any information obtained before April 15, 2011.

  • 3. To assist users, three formats are provided: a) an .xls compatible file; b) a .pdf compatible file created from the .xls file; and c) a .csv (comma-separated values) plain text file for import to software. The .csv file contains the field names and does not contain any blank rows so that import should be easier.

  • 4. Each format of the data files contains the 2010 Census VTD code and the Name of the VTD. In several instances, notably in Greenville County, the name provided in the PL 94-171 dataset was incorrect. The corrected name is used in the files on the Senate Redistricting website.

  • PDF format, Excel format